Star Wars: Bloody Misfits

Where Do We Go from Here

Rude Awakening



  • Dax (Nugget)
  • Remmy Voidseeker
  • ERIC Droid

Randomly Opening their eyes or rebooting their systems, the first group to awaken find themselves in a large cell holding 18 prisoners. Still under the influence of being drugged, they attempt to look for an exit to their prison quarters. A crazed Trandosian creates a scene by shaking the bars and banging his head against them while yelling.. Eric droid tries to drill into the wall with his toolkit as their captors begin patrolling the halls.
The Felixians did not understand any communication between the cell mates however Dax earned being handcuffed to the cell bars for attempting pickpocketing them. Dax did learn they were a race that abide by martial law, so Remmy and Eric droid started to dismember a downed IG droid to get the Felixians to open the cell. Remmy became impatient and started to cut a sleeping Rodian’s wrist with a shiv he found. The Rodiam awoke immediately and it started a brawl. Remmy succeeded in knocking out the Rodian and Dax finally slipped his shackles. The Felixians returned and only zapped the prisoners that asked questions. A protocol droid seemed to speak broken Felixian lauguage but ti no avail gets the trapped group nowhere.

Nugget furiously works on picking the lock to the door while bits of the brawl continue in the cell waking the rest of the prisoners. A second Rodian is killed in the fight. Now that all the prisoners are on their feet, Remmy searches the floor for another exit while Nugget and Eric succeed in unlocking the cell door. Nugget shouts to the prisoners, “RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!” as Remmy uncovers a loose panel in the floor leading to the sewer. Remmy states his way my be more successful and leads the larger group with Eric down into the sewer. 4 others stay behind with Nugget as he tries to create a commotion by screaming and running the hallways, off the walls, doing backflips and then decides it not the best idea as the Felixians close in.


The first group down the sewer travels north in the hopes of finding an exit that’s safe. The large group finally catches a glimpse of daylight at the end of the sewer when a giant slug blocks their exit. The group has no weapons to attack or defend themselves with so Remmy takes his chances at charming the slug with compliments. Not only did the slug react well to this method, but declared friendship with him as well. The slug let the group pass safely towards the exit.


Meanwhile, Nugget and the rest jumped down the exit to the sewer and followed the tracks of the 1st group with a gang of Felixian guards on their tail. Once they caught up to the others, the slug stood between them. Nugget anxiously attempted to attack the slug while the slug accidentally sat on him. Remmy kindly asked the slug to allow his other friends pass and the slug allowed Nugget passage. The trio ended up exiting the sewer into the city with 9 companions and a protocol droid at the call of Remmy. Though the drugs seem to wear off, all the party members suffered a form of amnesia and now had to learn who they really are.


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